Dawn of Isles Patch Notes - Jul 25 , 2019

Dear Islanders,
Dawn of Isles has finished this week’s server maintenance starting from 08:00 (UTC+8) Jul 25th and the game servers are up and running again.
Maintenance Content for this week:
Gourmet Feast
YUMMY YUMMY! Fill Your Belly!
Chef Bayoshi has come from a distant land to settle down on the Tribe Island and a magnificent fireworks show will be held at night - The Gourmet Feast is officially open!
New events, new challenges, and countless treasures await you - Come and see "Hear Ye Boy" Cincin in Boreas City to find out more!

Fireworks Night

Fireworks Night is about to begin on the Tribe Island! Head on over to take in the spectacle and join in the fun. But there might be some trouble hiding behind the festivities...?

Narrow Escape

Hunter Reza picked up some brand new tiger taming skills from Aluba Island! Are you ready to help him with his special training and snatch victory from the fierce tigers?

Black Heart Racers

Calling all heroes out saving the world! You're ready to do all kinds of foul things so long as there's a reward at the end, isn't that right? Then come on down to a place where every second counts and danger is all around you! I, the "Black Heart" Camberch, invite you to join my racecourse!

Treasure Matchmake

Mr. Magic presents Treasure Matchmake!
Fish out your Raffle Tickets, match the identical cards and win some valuable treasures!

Gourmet Order

To get ready for the Gourmet Feast, Chef Bayoshi has set up residence on the Tribe Island! However... somehow he's managed to lose his cherished kitchenware and ingredients! Head on over and give this reckless man a hand!

Harvest Season

During the Gourmet Feast, Vigor spent when making food is reduced and Home Farmland production is doubled! Let's get cooking!
Content Updates:
1. The "Pet Storage" has been released. Now if you go see the NPC Urala at the Hunters' Agora in Boreas City, you can try out the Pet Storage service.
2. The "Islander Homecoming" has been released. Returning players can earn rewards by completing specific targets. Other players can also earn additional rewards by helping the returning player.
3. Added the "Totem Prayer" tribe event. Players can receive rare rewards by offering tributes to the Grace Totem on the Tribe Island.
4. When digging up common treasure maps, there is now a chance of discovering a portal to Lady Gloom's Treasury. Upon entering the treasury, players may purchase "Gloom Keys" to open treasure chests.
5. Added a Social Leaderboard (counts the number of irises sent and received by the player) and a Black Heart Racers Leaderboard.
6. Extended the completion time for the Cavern Sweeper (Common) achievement from 70s to 150s.
7. You can now adjust the "Employ the first pet immediately once out of battle" deployment queue setting during battle.
8. Added a "Personal" channel for recording notifications relating to the player themselves.
9. Now, holding down an item icon on the item sharing screen in the chat will show detailed information about that item.
10. Optimized the display sequence of various events on the adventure screen. Now, uncompleted challenges for the day will be displayed first.
11. Added icons to show whether or not team members are set to auto-battle.
12. Now some timed events will allow players to team up and match together.
13. In Home Defence, the Element Spray Guns will no longer lose Durability. Defeating enemies will also no longer provide new Element Spray Guns.
14. Now Arena League has brand new background music.
15. In Elemental Realms, enemy's dynamic levels now have Lv.100 as the upper limit.
16. The Chaos Legion now invades with greater force. The last refresh time for Chaos Onslaught will be brought back to every day at 23:00.
17. Added the Suggested Formation Review feature in Sea Conquest.
18. Added a current stage star-level display to the progress screen in Sea Conquest.
19. There is now no limit to the number of Resurrections in Sea Conquest, but all team members must be out of combat before you can resurrect.
20. Reduced the damage inflicted by the Island Boss in Sea Conquest by 30%.
21. Helping players complete Sea Conquest stages that have not yet completed Sea Conquest that day will now receive Heart Pts as a reward.
22. Suitably increased time requirements to reach 2-star and 3-star in Sage Trial.
23. Improved the algorithm which calculates initial weekly challenge level in Sage Trials.
24. Improved the sound performance in Crab Migration.
25. Servants of Lady Gloom have found new trade locations. Now the number of locations that they may appear at has increased.
26. Added the "Unspoken Holy Words" item for sale in the Emporium, which can be used to help players earn Reserve EXP, allowing them to level up more easily.
27. All levels of Enchantment Materials can now be sold at the Market.
28. Senior Tomes can now be dismantled into Senior Tome Pages. Combining 9 pages will produce a random Senior Tome.
29. The pet bonus skill Thorn Breaker now disregards the Thorn affix of a monster.
30. Cooldown for using the Aluban Mask toy has been reduced to 120s (adjusted from 300s).
31. Optimized the matching mechanics for Arena League. Now, other player's information will only be revealed when all players are ready.
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed an issue where players were still given a reward even without completing a full round in Tiger Race.
2. Fixed an issue where equipment and pet details on the chat and tribe news screens could not be displayed due to being dismantled, put on sale or other such reasons.
3. Fixed an issue where the shield produced by Kumamon Doll's "Be Careful!" skill would trigger nonsensical elemental combos.
4. Fixed an issue with redirect errors for some pet obtainment methods in the Pet handbook.
5. Fixed an issue where, when examining other players' equipment, icon special effects for equipment carrying Sorcery Properties would not be displayed.
6. Fixed an issue where the currently employed pet may be accidentally selected during pet rebirth.
7. Fixed an issue where attributes were displayed incorrectly for some pets after evolving.
8. Fixed an issue where some stickers would overlap with the player's name when sent within the chat window.
9. Fixed an issue where the skill description of Pact Skill "Freezing Pogonip" (from Witch Shark) is inconsistent with its actual effect.
Thank you for your support and love for Dawn of Isles! We have attached gifts to in-game mail as compensation for any inconvenience that the maintenance may cause you. Hope you have a wonderful time!