Dawn of Isles Patch Notes - Aug 22, 2019

Dear Islanders,
Dawn of Isles has finished this week’s server maintenance starting from 08:00 (UTC+8) Aug 22th and the game servers are up and running again.
Maintenance Content for this week:
Draco Waste
Dragon Fell, Battle Rises!
New area, Draco Waste, is now officially opened. New stories, new enemies and pets, new events. Everything here is new and ready to be explored! Set up camp in the wasteland of sand and lava, and thwart the Chaos!

Draco Battle Pass

A brand new Battle Pass system is here!
Go enrich and complete your adventure in Kalangol, and get some bountiful prizes and exclusive glory in the process!

Sacred Pet

Who can understand the thorough refinement?
A bright day where the bamboo sways gently in the forest wind. It looks like a mysterious one is stirring up trouble! Envoy Nikolai has left personally for the Gale Highland to launch investigations. Islander Hero, you will help him, right?

Wind Rider

Mounting the back of a pet is just the first step.
The advanced riding skill of the Hunter's Guild teaches you to fight while mounted! Ride a Wind Ray and take off with windspeed to see who's worthy of the title of the Wind Rider!

Spy Ultimatum

Chaos Legion's spies have become more savage than ever before, and now they're targeting our Tribe! Detective Hoolmes is already on Tribe Island. Help him catch out the spies!

Knight's Tempo

It's great to enjoy a ride on a Mount, yet speed is of utmost importance! We're kicking off a riding competition focused on "tempo" and "timing". Who can bask in the glory of the Racing King?

Treasure Divination

Mr. Magic has the Treasure Divination with him! Cast it in front of the dazzling treasure and see if you have luck on your side!

Wasteland Supplies​

Legion Soldier Emblem and Legion Elite Emblem are the trophies are the trophies for those islander warriors who fight bravely on Draco Waste. Use them to redeem the supplies you need for further adventures.
Content Updates:
1. New system introduced - Growth Boost. Now you can boost your Pets' Growth by using Arcane Truffles.
2. The ripening time of all kinds of seeds is now 10 hrs. When ripe, 4 crops are obtained. No more than 1 of each ripe crop can be snatched by others.
3. Increased the chance of getting Titles and Title Pieces while digging for treasure with Treasure Map .
4. It is now possible to get Sacred Pet related items while digging for treasure with Treasure Map .
5. HP of Huge Twintail Scorpion in Behemoth Trial decreased by 11%.
6. HP of World Bosses Clana and Gwen increased accordingly.
7. Players can now enter the Arena League only after Talents have been confirmed, as it won't be possible to change them during the contest. Switching Talents while in Auto-Match will stop matching.
8. The number of "Elder" position in a Tribe increased to 4.
9. The number of "Elite" position in a Tribe increased to 40, but members with this position will no longer have the right to remove members or approve Tribe applications.
10. Upon the start of Tribal War, "Elites" or Tribe members with higher positions can enjoy the privilege of entering the battle before others for 1 minute.
11. The "Chieftain" and "Elders" can now enter the Tribe applications interface and set the minimum required level for applicants.
12. Optimized the categorization and order of items in the Tribe Warehouse.
13. When the Trading Warehouse reaches Lv.7, Lv.90 equipment forging materials become available.
14. When the character is Lv.80 or higher, items related to Draco Waste will be required for Totem Prayer, and among the rewards there might be materials necessary to forge Lv.90 equipment.
15. Among the rewards in Black Heart Racers there might be materials necessary to forge Lv.90 equipment.
16. If you are the Leader of a team in some modes (Dungeon, Elemental Realm, Chaos Onslaught, Sea Conquest, Behemoth Trial or Isle Raider), you will have the chance to obtain a Leader Gift, if the number of rewards for that mode is higher than 0.
17. For every week with all sign-ins completed, you can obtain a 7-Day Reward Chest, which can be opened after the following Monday at 05:00.
18. Optimized the appearance of the Mount Permit interface.
19. When Mount Permit expires, there will be a relevant prompt and a notification on Personal Channel.
20. Shortcut to the Camera function added in the bottom left corner of the main interface, so that players can take screenshots during Transformation.
21. Numeric keyboard added in the Crafting Bench and Cooking Pot interfaces, so that players can easily input the desired quantity.
22. Witch Shark Mount Permit added for sale in the Emporium.
23. Lv.90 Equipment Forging Materials added for sale in the Emporium.
24. Team members can now recommend other players to join the team.
25. When the team the player applied to is full, a corresponding prompt will appear.
26. When the Leader invites a player to join the team, and the player fails to respond within the given time, a corresponding prompt will appear.
27. When the Leader invites a player to join the team, and the player declines the invitation, a corresponding prompt will appear.
28. Now you can tap on a player's avatar in the team-up invitation interface to view his/her social interaction panel.
29. Now you can tap on a player's avatar in the Tribe applications interface to view their social interaction panel.
30. Increased the Activity EXP to Reserve EXP conversion rate.
31. Players with level lower than the Server Level can obtain an additional Activity EXP limit bonus.
32. The time remaining to the Server Level increase will now appear in the character EXP rules interface.
33. Terra Drake's Pact Skill: Roaring Rock has been modified—when activated, master's Attack is now increased greatly for a short time (before: DMG taken by all team members reduced moderately for a short time).
34. Optimized the battle logic for Inker Octopus shadows summoned by Inker Octopus' Pact Skill: Octopus Gang.
35. When both enemy players and pets are in the attack range, players will be targeted first.
36. When both common monsters and Bosses are in the attack range, Bosses will be targeted first.
37. Effective range increased for some Pet Pact Skills; Skill Range increased for all the Pets with long-distance attacks.
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed the problem with ambiguous system prompts after completing a round in the Tiger Race.
2. Fixed the problem with incomplete scene loading in Great Imposters.
3. Fixed the problem with DMG count inflicted by Terra Whelp's Pact Skill: Dinner Time! not corresponding to the Skill SFX.
4. Fixed some discrepancy issues with Elemental Combo's presented and actual effects.
5. Fixed some issues with overly high DMG when initiating Elemental Combo through a certain Fire Skills and Steam.
6. Fixed an issue where the mist left by Coral Guard may not fully covers the whole platform during Clana boss fight in Coral Palace
7. Fixed an issue where a certain monsters in Sea Conquest deal overly high DMG under 4-Star Difficulty
Class Balancing Change:


1. DMG caused by Turbulent Winds increased by 11%.
2. Water DMG and Spell DMG caused by the Flooded areas left by Erupting Geyser increased accordingly.
3. DMG of a single Lightning summoned by Lightning Lance increased by 14%, with the DMG decrease factor when hit by multiple Lightnings boosted accordingly.
4. DMG caused by Water Dance increased by 11%.


1. DMG caused by Wind Blast increased by 14%
Thank you for your support and love for Dawn of Isles! We have attached gifts to in-game mail as compensation for any inconvenience that the maintenance may cause you. Hope you have a wonderful time!