Dawn of Isles Patch Notes - Sept 5, 2019

Dear Islanders,
Dawn of Isles will go offline tomorrow for server maintenance.
This week’s server maintenance will start from 08:00 (UTC+8) Sept 5th and it will take approximately 3 hours. During the maintenance, Islanders will not be able to enter.
Maintenance Content for this week: (All fixes and content will not take effect until maintenance is complete.)
Content Updates
1. Increase the effects of the equipment Sorcery Properties Razor Sharp and Enlightenment to 1.25 times.
2. Increase the effect of the equipment Sorcery Property Fearless to 1.11 times.
3. Increase the effect of the equipment Sorcery Property Bully to 1.25 times.
4. Increase the status duration of the equipment Sorcery Properties Rend, Furious, Collapse and Surge by 20%.
5. Adjust the effect of the pet bonus skills Prioritize and Pet Hunter to 75% of their original effect.
6. Three switchable attribute builds can be configured.
7. The forging materials of Lv.80 and Lv.90 equipment can be sold to the Market.
8. Tapping the "How to obtain" option of certain items will take you to Treasure Divination.
9. Attacks of pets are for single target and the total DMG remains the same.
10. Optimize the overall combat performance of pets.
11. A second confirmation prompt will be displayed when you discard a Rare Prayer in Totem Prayer.
12. Element materials will be automatically submitted after using Quick Buy to purchase them in Totem Prayer.
13. Players can use items in their Warehouse to help other players load their ship in Pier Loading.
14. Increase the cooldown of Thunder Wolf's skill Bolt Dash in Sage Trials.
15. Remove Fire Moth's skill Phosphor Powder in Sage Trials.
16. Increase the character limit of tribe notice for all.
17. Add a cooking pot and crafting bench next to Grace Totem in Tribe Island to help players complete Totem Prayer more easily.
18. Add a Tribe Invite function to the social interaction panel. The Chieftain and Elders can actively invite other players to join their tribe.
19. Appropriately increase the HP bonus granted to the attacker's banner in Tribal War after the Security Station reaches Lv.4.
20. Reduce the DMG by Hurricane Gun in Tribal War.
21. Appropriately increase the DMG of some skills of World Boss Horus.
22. Appropriately increase the Element Resistance of all World Bosses.
23. Appropriately decrease the Resistance of all monsters.
24. When DMG boost bonus of Elemental Combo is greater than 1,000%, it will be displayed as 1,000%+.
25. Add sound effects to the result page of some events.
Class Balancing Change


1. Adjust the way in which Ground Slam triggers Quake., when using Fearless Leap, Trample or Rock Claw, the character will gain the status Will of Earth. Using Ground Slam while under this status will directly trigger the effect of Quake.
2. Extend the duration of the slow effect applied by Fearless Leap, Trample and Rock Claw.
3. Appropriately increase the DMG caused by the first two stages of normal attack, slightly increasing the total DMG of normal attack.
4. Adjust the passive bonus of Trample. This skill will reduce all DMG from monsters and enemy players and further reduce DMG from enemy players based on the number of enemy players within 15 meters.
5. Trample's effective range increase to 8m (from 5m).
6. Fearless Leap's effective range increase to 12m (from 10m).
7. During auto-battle, Fearless Leap will select a more suitable target location.


1. Shocking Blink's effective range increased to 4m (from 2.8m).


1. During auto-battle, Gale Force will select a more suitable target location.
Bug Fixes
1. Fix an issue where Thunder Wolf used Bolt Dash when it was behind its target.
2. Fix an issue where the actual effective range of Warmage's Frost Bind was slightly larger than the specified range.
3. Fix an issue of discrepancies between the description and actual effects of Evolution Stone ++.
4. Fix an issue of discrepancies between the description and actual effects of Unripen Dreamfall Fruit.
5. Fix an issue where offline players in Elemental Realm still automatically attacked monsters.
6. Fix an issue where the result showed 0 stars in some circumstances after the Behemoths were defeated in Behemoth Trial.
7. Fix an issue where Axe weapons were too distant from the body after Fighters equipped the Dragon outfit.
Thank you for your support and love for Dawn of Isles!
We will attach gifts to in-game mail as compensation for any inconvenience that the maintenance may cause you. Hope you have a wonderful time!