Dawn of Isles Patch Notes - Nov 18, 2020

Dear Islanders,
Dawn of Isles will go offline a few hours later for server maintenance.
This maintenance will start from 14:15 (UTC+8) Nov 19th and it will take about 2 hours to complete. During the maintenance, islanders will not be able to enter.
Maintenance Content for this update: (Please notice that all fixes and content will not take effect until maintenance is complete.)
Thanksgiving Celebration​
Event Period: 2020.11.19-2020.12.17
[Primeval Champion​]
For our family! For our hometown! For courage! For our faith! Put on the new outfit where legends were witnessed and create your very own Kalangol legends!
[Mysterious Shadows​]
In order to fight against the elusive Chaos Scout, a Pilgrim Mentor used sorcery to simulate the Chaos Scout's stealth abilities and organized a mock training.
Who will be the most stealthy Lurker and the keenest Seeker? Let us see!
[Island Odyssey]
During the Thanksgiving Celebration, many old friends have come to visit—Sea Hydra, Ram Ram Ram the Sheep, Knight's Tempo—don't you miss them after so long? Now let's show them what we got!
[Thanksgiving Banquet​]
Woah! Gugu invited many friends to join the banquet, and they all brought gifts! Hehehe! The only problem is that... Many of the gift boxes have gone missing at night... It's giving me a headache!
[Festival Revelry​]
Thanksgiving celebration, surprises never ends! Complete daily objectives and win a huge amount of Festival Card, as well as Festival Revelry Chest! 
[Good Fortune Beckons​]
Good fortune beckons on Thanksgiving. Let's get crazy! Obtain lottery tickets and win grand prizes!
[Festival Sales]
We're glad you're here with us on this island adventure! New toys, ornaments, adventure supplies... Let's get celebrating and shop till you drop! 
[Festival Preparation]
Festival preparation is not easy. Let's work on it together! The Market has prepared some grand prizes to reward those who contributed to the festival! The more you get involved, the better the rewards!
[Weekend Revelry​]
Double the rewards during weekend revelry! Certain rewards are doubled when participating in Mysterious Shadows, Island Odyssey, Thanksgiving Banquet, Festival Revelry, and other events during the weekends!
Content Updates
[Sacred Pet​]
The power of earth never dies!
The disciple of Deity of Earth will appear when danger lurks.
Islander Heroes, let's feel the power of earth and fight side-by-side with Evergreen Dominator!
[Mountains Adventure Manual]
The Mountains Adventure Manual system is available again! Try your best to record, enrich and complete your adventure in Kalangol for amazing rewards and honor!
1. New Chaos Skills are now available: Bone Shield, Cold Bloodline, Quick Hands
2. Zephyr: Water Dance can now trigger elemental combo with the skill of ice, fire, and poison.
3. Guardian Phoenix's Pact Skill: Crimson Flames now has Fire Element and can trigger Elemental Combo with other Elements accordingly.
4. Players hit by Crimson Flames will take 50% less damage if they are hit by Crimson Flames again within the next 3 seconds.
1. The second season of Nemesis War: Beast Party will officially start on November 23. (The first season of Revenge of the Great Arcanist will be offline temporarily)
2. The Lv.71-90 of Sage Trials is now available along with its corresponding achievements. Players can now challenge higher levels.
3. When a team has set the Sea Conquest as a target, tapping the Go button will prompt a redirection menu. Select either Island Sweep or Recapture Ship to navigate directly to the Tribe's island interface.
4. When entering Sea Conquest without sufficient team members, the HP of monsters will be reduced accordingly, while the damage of monsters remains unchanged.
[Game System]
1. Daily Special giftpack is added to the Benefit interface.
2. In the Level Up Reward of the Benefit interface, a few limited-time giftpacks for leveling up characters are added besides old rewards.
3. After using Pet Communion, player HP now will be inherited according to a ratio instead of adding an additional HP bar to the original one.
4. The cooldown of Pet Communion is now reduced, as well as the duration of communion. Different Pet Communion form will have different duration.
5. Increased the attribute inherit ratio of Pet Communion and enhanced certain Pet Communion skills.
6. Reduce the cost of Pet Communion by a huge margin by changing the one-time consumption of Communion Scroll consumption to consuming Communion Energy; Communion Energy can be obtained through using Communion Scroll.
7. Monsters in the world map will no longer actively attack players.
8. Islander Cooking can now be used without taking account of the public skill cooldown.
9. The new Sacred Pet, Evergreen Dominator, currently does not support custom dye. Stay tuned for this feature.
10. The HP of the new Sacred Pet, Evergreen Dominator, has an all-new UI presentation. This feature only takes effect after updating to the new client.
11. The new footprint SFX, Lightning Progress, will change according to the player's current outfit. This feature only takes effect after updating to the latest package.
Class Adjustments​
1. The chance for Impact: Axe Onslaught to trigger Elemental Strike has been increased.
2. Duration for the petrification caused by Rock Claw: Flicker has been increased.
3. Added the effect of #Mdealing additional damage on monsters#E on top of the original skill effects of Ground Slam.
1. After making a CRIT with Venom: Crossbow Shot, each upcoming attack will have a chance to inflict #MPoisoned#E.
2. Zephyr: Longbow Shot's damage has been increased by 14%.
3. After Hurricane Kick is cast, using Longbow Shot or other skills can prevent you from flashing back to the initial location when using Hurricane Kick.
4. Stella: Multi Arrows' damage has been increased by 4%.
5. Cornet: Vicious Flower now slows the enemy.
1. Reduced the cooldown of Shocking Blink and Mirage: Shocking Blink from 15s to 13s.
2. The damage dealt by each attack of Lightning Lance has been increased by 15%. And the damage reduction for multiple hits has been reduced.
3. Increased the effective range of Impact: Water Dance to 12m x 4m (from 12m x 3m) and increased its damage by 10%.
4. Reduced the cooldown of Erupting Geyser from 12s to 11s.
1. Increased damage dealt by each impaling attack of Zealous Thrust by 11%
2. Appropriately increased the chance of creating an extra Elemental area by the fourth attack of Impact: Enchanted Lance.
Content Fixes
1. Fixed the issue where the effective range of Roundhouse Kick of Ranger is further than described.
2. Fixed an issue where the description of Burst: Multi Arrows is incorrect: the cooldown of this skill should be 10 seconds.
Thank you for your support and love for Dawn of Isles!
We will attach gifts to in-game mail as compensation for any inconvenience that the maintenance may cause you. Hope you have a wonderful time!