Urgent Announcement


Dear Dawn of Isles players,

Thank you for the tremendous support you've given NetEase's Dawn of Isles! In light of changes made to the development and operational strategies of the game, Dawn of Isles will soon cease operation. Details are as follows:

       1. Sep 22, 2021: Download across all platforms will be disabled. Players will no longer be able to download the game.

       2. Sep 30, 2021: Recharge and new user registration will be disabled.

       3. All game operations will be terminated at a later time and notified. Termination includes the shutting down of the game servers, the official customer service, the official website (https://www.dawn-of-isles.com/), the official Facebook page and its public group. These websites and communities will no longer be accessible from then on.

Note: After game servers have been shut down, all account data and character info (including but not limited to characters, Crystals, items, materials, and so on) will be deleted.

       Thank you to everyone who has shown tremendous support to Dawn of Isles. In-game Diamonds can still be used until the game is officially taken offline for good. We hope you can enjoy the game while it lasts. If you have any questions or concerns, you're welcome to contact customer service at gamedawnofisles@global.netease.com

       Like you, we're also extremely sad to see Dawn of Isles go. Alas, its time has come. We'd also like to apologize for any inconveniences this decision may cause. Again, thank you for your support and understanding, and we hope to       

see you in more great NetEase games!