Dawn of Isles Patch Notes - Jun 13, 2019


Dawn of Isles Patch Notes - Jun 13, 2019


Dear Islanders,

Dawn of Isles has finished this week’s server maintenance starting from 08:00 (UTC+8) Jun 13th and the game servers are up and running again.

Maintenance Content for this week:

  • Improved Pet EXP rewarded in Pet Quest.  

  • Adjusted display logic for "Rewards" in Fishing Derby to show rewards from the highest score to the lowest.

  • When a character gains EXP, pets in Deploy Queue also gain minor Pet EXP now.  

  • Increased maximum unlockable Pet Slots to 30.  

  • Primary Pet Skill Tomes now cannot be discarded but may be sold to Market.

  • Subjects for all tribal notification mails are now easier to comprehend, with a higher text count (180 characters for English, 120 for other languages).   

  • Adjusted rewards logics in Isle Raider to reduce recommended participation to 2 times while the total amount of rewards unchanged.   

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Toad Kaakafi had a chance to morph 3 players into Ice Sheep at the same time in Kamikado Altar.

  • Fixed an issue where Ancient Flame Beetle displayed incorrectly in Gugu's Treasure quests.

  • Fixed an issue where the access icon displayed incorrectly when switching lines in   Fishing Derby.

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to buy a certain Kumamon Trace pointing to Windy Fjord.   

  • Fixed an issue where screen brightness was incorrectly adjusted on the device while entering the game.

  • Fixed an issue where the Miasma area created by Pact Skill "Revolting Banana" (from Banana Monkey) deals incorrectly higher damage when performing Elemental Combo with Fire Skills or Water Skills

  • Fixed an issue where the range of Affinity of certain Ancient Pets are miscalculated

  • Fixed an issue where the Rating of all Pets are miscalculated to a lower result

  • Fixed an issue where Tribe Elders are unable to purchase Tribe Thief's Decoy in Trading Warehouse

Thank you for your support and love for Dawn of Isles! We have attached gifts to in-game mail as compensation for any inconvenience that the maintenance may cause you. Hope you have a wonderful time!