Dawn of Isles Patch Notes - Jun 27, 2019


Dawn of Isles Patch Notes - Jun 27, 2019


Dear Islanders,

Dawn of Isles has finished this week’s server maintenance starting from 08:00 (UTC+8) Jun 27th and the game servers are up and running again.

Update and Maintenance content for this week:

Summer Party 

Southern Isle, Scorching Summer! The blooming of Fire Flowers means summer has come to Kalangol! New appearances, new sales, new events! Go see Cincin the Hear ye boy in Boreas City for more info!

Summer Dream

You gotta give yourself an unforgettable experience this summer! Which Giftpack contains the exclusive "Summer Dream" Swimsuit Appearance and Weapon Transmog?

Summer Sales

The blooming Fire Flowers are the hottest items of this bustling season! They can be used to redeem all-new Home Ornaments, Pet Dressups, and all sorts of interesting Toys!

Summer Is On!

Don't get lazy this summer! Complete daily Small Targets and get ample Fire Flowers!

Frenzy Element

Gloop. Crackle! Rumble... Whoosh~The Elemental Spirits have gone crazy due to the high heat! Cool them down with Elemental Spray Guns and restore the peace!

Storm Incoming

The summer is here, and the Fjord's winds have become violent. Storms are sweeping through the valley - wonderfully rare challenges, aren't they? Follow Shakia into the Saint's Rest when the wind rises, and take the challenge to train your agility as a Hunter!

Summer Begone

We really can't stand this heat this year! Though it has never been cool in Chukachuka Village, but the heat this year is just ridiculous... Find the source of the high heat and help everyone get through this summer!

Content Updates

1. Added a new Elemental Combo, Thunder Storm.

2. Adjusted the growth values of the pet Twintail Scorpio.

3. Added a relevant Leaderboard for Tornsail Pit Fight .

4. In War of Hook, the skill Stunning Sting will no longer be resisted.

5. In Arena League, the player resurrected by Dancer's skill Resurrect now restores 100% of max HP (only in Arena League).

6. Slightly reduced the Healing Effect in Arena League. Player's healing skill effect (including Pet Skills) reduced to 85%.

7. New materials for crafting Lv.80 equipment have been added to the Emporium: Giant Beast Jaw, The Fallen Body, Perplexed Eyes.

8. Added a new option to auto-approve all join requests to the Tribe in the relevant panel for the Chieftain.

9. When the Tribe captures or loses a Resource Isle, relevant notifications will be sent to Tribe News.

10. Players who are qualified for but failed to join the Tribal War will now receive a reward when the Tribal War is finished.

11. Pet Expedition and Pier Loading can now consume items stored in the Warehouse.

12. Improved the Perfect Completion chance in Pet Expedition.

13. Improved the drop rate of hidden quest items in Tornsail Island and Coral Palace dungeons.

14. Players already reached Amethyia Isle will no longer receive Aluba Island's Task Board common quests.

15. Optimized the level requirements for unlocking certain side quests for the Scholar achievements (players already unlocked the achievements will not be affected).

16. Optimized the Follow leader function. Players following their leaders will now be able to properly enable auto-battle after entering certain dungeons.

17. Optimized the character selection experience in case of stacking characters; when characters stack with one another in a crowd, a character list will be provided for accurate selections.

18. Improved the SFX in Reforge, Enchant, and Inscription Engraving panels.

19. Improved the audio notification and feedback in The Great Imposters.

20. Improved the effects when taking down Statue of Four Deities and Attacker's Banner in Tribal War.

21. Reduced the SFX brightness of the Dancer's Song of Lushness and Twining Vine skills.

22. Reduced the HP of Attacker's Banner in Tribal War.

23. Reduced the enemy damage in Behemoth Trials.

24. Reduced the HP of certain enemies in Coral Palace (Common).

25. Reduced the HP of certain enemies in Sea Conquest.

Class Balancing Changes


1. Rock Claw's cooldown reduced to 10s (from 15s), damage reduced by 33%

2. Rock Claw's effective range increased to 9m * 5.5m (from 9m * 4m)

3. Trample's effective range increased to 4.5m (from 3m)

4. Ground Slam's effective range increased to 4.5m (from 3m)

5. Fearless Leap's effective range increased to 4.5m (from 3m)

6. Ancestral Fist's effective range increased to 4.5m (from 4m)

7. While Fearless Leap is in motion, the character is immune to all control effects

8. Shieldcounter's max damage output increased to base DMG *5 (from *1.5)


1. Blooming Flower's cooldown increased to 13s (from 10s), Fire DMG reduced by 29%

2. Ratton Bolt's damage increased by 10%


1. Ambush's cooldown increased to 14s (from 12s)

2. While Gale Force is in motion, the character is immune to all control effects

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed some translation inconsistency issues.

2. Fixed an issue where teammates had a chance of not following the team into a dungeon.

3. Fixed an issue where the player might not be able to recover from the Dead status when quitting War of Hook while dead.

4. Fixed an issue where Explosive Barrels had a chance to be dragged to your own side and explode in War of Hook.f

5. Fixed an issue where pet Maneater Flower‘s certain skill descriptions were inconsistent with the actual Elemental DMG types.

6. Fixed an issue where the discount on Greeder's Lure was not properly displayed in the Emporium.

7. Fixed an issue where the Pact Skill of Kumamon Doll cost 0 SP.

8. Fixed an issue where the Achievement "Self-Developer" of Dungeon "Coral Palace" couldn't be successfully unlocked.

Thank you for your support and love for Dawn of Isles! We have attached gifts to in-game mail as compensation for any inconvenience that the maintenance may cause you. Hope you have a wonderful time!