Dawn of Isles Patch Notes - Sept 26, 2019

Dear Islanders,
Dawn of Isles will go offline for server maintenance.
This week’s server maintenance will start from 08:00 (UTC+8) Sept 26th and it will take approximately 4 hours. During the maintenance, Islanders will not be able to enter.
Maintenance Content for this week: (All fixes and content will not take effect until maintenance is complete.)
Have fun first, adventure later!! Take a break from the frontlines and catch your breath with the exciting Fun Season! It's a childhood throwback—you'll find your happiness here!


Team of Distinction
A noisy arena! A cheering audience! We have three teams of the strongest beasts! Support them! Defend them! Gain popularity for your team and become the Team of Distinction each day!
Children's Innocence
Leonardo, a toy craftsman with godlike skills, has visited your Tribe. This child in the body of an old man wants everyone on Tribe Island to recall their childlike purity and innocence! Help him with his crafts and recall a time long past when you chased your dreams!
Sheep's Crisis
What?! A sheep can speak? Is this an Aluban in disguise?Jeeg, who has been missing for many years, has reappeared in Chukachuka Village once again! Go listen to his peculiar story and use your imagination to recreate his thrilling escape years ago...
Legacy Equipment
Ancient equipment sealed for millennia see the light of day once more... These relics of the Ancient Elf Empire will become your greatest strength in your adventures!
Happy Sales
Happy Donuts for happiness every day! Brand new toys, glamorous Ornament for two... We have what you want!
Treasure Matchmake
Mr. Magic presents Treasure Matchmake again! Fish out your Happy Candies, match the identical cards and win some valuable treasures!
Content Updates
  1. Add "Toy Collection" to the Encyclopedia for players to store their growing collection of toys and free space in their Backpack and Warehouse.
  2. Add "Increasing Combat Power" to the Backpack to provide players with tips for growth.
  3. Boosts to combat power from gems embedded on equipment will no longer be added to the equipment rating (does not affect players' combat power).
  4. Add more recharge rebate levels and adjust some of the rewards. The new rewards will be sent by mail to players who have already claimed the corresponding rewards.
  5. Add Double-Ring Coin - this ancient currency once used in the Ancient Elf Empire can be used to purchase extremely rare items.
  6. Add Tribe Renaming Permit and Weekly Specials to the Emporium.
  7. Add Draco Waste themed Pet Dressup to the Emporium.
  8. Adjust the battle scene of Arena League. The new scene will be in Draco Waste - let the flames of war burn brighter!
  9. Adjust the max level in Sage Trials to Lv.70.
  10. Adjust the background music in the prep and combat phases of Tribal War.
  11. Add a combat power recommendation pop-up prompt to Black Heart Racers.
  12. Add four new Variations to Black Heart Racers.
  13. Add timed mount effect rewards to Black Heart Racers for players who are ranked #2 and #3 in the weekly ranking.
  14. Adjust Lv.5 Ele. Flask to increase the effective monster level from 90 to 95.
  15. Appropriately extend the duration of some timed events.
  16. Adjust the end products received from dismantling of Legendary equipment. Dismantling Lv.50+ legendary equipment now has a chance of granting materials that can be used to upgrade Legacy equipment.
  17. Adjust the calculation rules for Tribe Prosperity so that it is now the sum of the Tribe Prosperity for the last 15 days.
  18. Increase the max weekly purchase limit of Tribe Thief's Decoy.
  19. Add a transaction approval panel to Trade. Goods that are under approval no longer take up the players' trade booths.
  20. Stackable Free Pricing items can now be stacked and sold together.
  21. Adjust the passive effect of the Flawless Spirit title. The effect is now: "Immune to the next control effect. Can only be triggered every 60s."
  22. Add a description clarifying that it has no effect on enemy players to some skills with the Taunt effect.
  23. Optimize the display of the Manifest panel for Sacred Pets.
  24. Optimize the display when viewing details of different skills consecutively in Skills panel.
  25. Optimize the display when holding the Backpack button to change Talents or skill combinations.
  26. Optimize the prompts to claim activeness rewards in Adventure panel.
  27. Optimize the cast logic of some skills in auto-battle.
Bug Fixes
1. Fix a bug in which Flame Axolotl did not use its Pact Skill correctly in auto-battle.
2. Fix a bug in which Twintail Scorpio's Pact Skill might not take effect on players.
3. Fix a bug in which the skills of some pets could not hit enemies in combat sometimes.
4. Fix a bug in which there would be an error sometimes when checking the number of members in Home Defence.
5. Fix a bug in which the spawn position of players would sometimes overlap in Beachhead.
6. Fix a bug in which beast fire that is not yet available could be ignited incorrectly.
7. Fix a bug in which Deity Errands panel could not be opened correctly sometimes.
Thank you for your support and love for Dawn of Isles!
We will attach gifts to in-game mail as compensation for any inconvenience that the maintenance may cause you. Hope you have a wonderful time!