Dawn of Isles Patch Notes - Oct 24, 2019

Dear Islanders,
Dawn of Isles will go offline tomorrow for server maintenance.
This week’s server maintenance will start from 08:00 (UTC+8) Oct 24th and it will take approximately 4 hours. During the maintenance, Islanders will not be able to enter.
Maintenance Content for this week: (All fixes and content will not take effect until maintenance is complete.)
Nightfall Revelry
The long night befalls, and the Phantoms are out! Fear! Tremble!... Or be surprised? Monsters and spirits run rampant on the night of souls...The Night Witch is coming... Don't let the revelry end!
Night Witch's Treasure
The mysterious Night Witch shall present you with her treasure chest... To open, or not to open, that is the question...Will you step up to claim that rare treasure, or run away like a coward?
Spirit Bounty
The Spirits awaken from their slumber! They are giving you their orders from the ancient toms! Remember, only by completing your objectives shall you be awarded!
Shop of Terrors
Shop of Terrors is open for business! Trick or Treat! Give the Boggling Syrup Candies to the master of the night... Listen to it scream, watch it sneer, and exchange echoing screams from it!
Kumamon returns!
The Kumamon, who wants to spread happiness to every corner of the world, will surely not miss Kalangol! As his hometown envoy, Kumamon hopes to befriend everyone
- It's heard that he will arrive at Windy Fjord tomorrow? Quickly, go find out from the locals as you launch the game!
Kumamon Sale
Kumamon brings countless good stuff from his hometown - and even a movable doll! Exchange them here with the Kumamon Coins, and share the happiness and delightfulness that Kumamon brings to you! (Kumamon Coins obtained from the last Kumamon Trip event are not valid for this event. However, certain limited item purchases in the Kumamon Sale will be extended to this event.)
Kumamon Hut
Build a Hut for Kumamon on the Home Island and Kumamon will be able to settle down! However, the naughty Kumamon who will settle down would also like to go out and enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Kalangol! Prepare delicious food for his trip, and then take a photo as the Souvenir of your encounters during the trip! You will have a chance to get Exquisite Postcards as rewards!
Banana Frenzy
How to become good friends quickly with the naughty Kumamon? Well... How about calling your fellow friends and play a diversionary game of Take the Banana with him?
Greedy Glutton
Eek? There are actually flowers that can never eat enough in Kalangol? Kumamon really wants to check it out! Feed the Greedy Maneater Flower together with your fellow friends and satisfy the curiosity of Kumamon!
Foodie Carnival
Yeah, that's right! Kumamon will take a trip to the Tribe Island! Wow! The beautiful sceneries here just stirred up his desire to Cook delicious food! Please gather various ingredients for Kumamon and enjoy this Foodie Carnival together!
Hide and Seek
Ooooh, the naughty Kumamon is hiding somewhere waiting for you! Visit various places of Kalangol, and search for the Trail of Kumamon - time for Hide and Seek!
1. Add the Skill Rune System. You can now obtain precious Rune Stones to enhance your combat skills... or change them completely.
2. It is now possible to get Rune Stones while digging for treasures marked on Treasure Map +.
3. Merits can now be used to redeem Rune Stones.
4. Double-Ring Coin can now be used to redeem Ancient Metals.
5. Raise the reward standard for Black Heart Racers. Rune Stones are added to the reward pool.
6. Tribe structure, Trading Warehouse, will sell Rune Stones starting at Lv.8.
7. Add several Teleport Points on Tribe Island for traveling convenience.
8. Add Tribe Behemoths: Huge Octopus, Huge Crystalized Crab. Unlocked the corresponding Behemoth Trial and Beast Fire.
9. A player will not be able to join "Tribal War" within 24 hours from leaving a Tribe.
10.Improve the push logic for Tribe News. News will only be sent when a Tribe member obtains Legendary equipment with sorcery properties.
11. Add the Limited Bundles Shop. Windy Traderhood will find and recommend you best-value items.
12. Add a Giant Bunch of Irises to the Emporium, which greatly increases Friendship as well as supporting customized server-wide broadcasting message.
13. Add Shop Delay function. When a monthly event ends, the players will have a day's time to redeem items with the event currency in the monthly event shop.
14. Add Lv.60 - 70 Achievements in the Sage Trials.
15. Full-Time Reward Chest can no longer be discarded. The restriction of only able to open it on the next Monday has also been removed.
16. Oblivion Hall has been added to Black Heart Racers as a new racing dungeon.
17. Improve the Island Boss combat mechanism in Sea Conquest.
18. Improve the stacking rules for damage-absorption shields, and multiple shields are supported now. However, only the shield with the maximum damage absorption will be active.
19. Improve the appearance of the Legacy Lance.
20. Improve the appearance of the Legacy outfit SFX for all classes.
21. Improve the Divine Protection SFX triggered by the Legacy Sword.
1. Longbow Shot: Increase Physical DMG of the 1st and 2nd shot by 22.2%, but reduce the 4th shot by 19.1%.
2. Hurricane Kick: Increase the effective range from 3m to 3.5m; increase DMG by 15%.
3. In battle statistics, DMG recorded by Solar Gift will no longer be calculated into Elemental Combo section.
1. Breakaway Dance: Reduce cooldown from 16s to 14s; increase DMG by 75%.
2. Resurrect: Appropriately increase the effective range.
3. Ice Shield: Appropriately increase the effective range of the shield's damage when shattered.
1. Spectral Blades: Increase Spell DMG of the 1st and 2nd attack by 30.7%, the 3rd attack by 17.6%, but reduce the 4th attack by 30.3%.
1. Fix the abnormal display issue when using the Camera on the Romantic Swing for Two.
2. Fix the abnormal display issue when checking the Legacy outfits from the Leaderboards.
3. Fix the abnormal display issue of the upgrade screen of Legacy equipment on iPads.
4. Fix the multiple combo issues of Storm-type elemental combos.
5. Fix the abnormal display issue of combo level display of Ele. Flasks.
6. Fix the issue where certain monster skill effects did not activate and the inconsistency issue of the actual effective range and the alert range.
7. Fix the syncing issue of the Dancer's Turbulent Winds skill SFX and the character animation.
8. Fix an issue where the Terminator achievement might not be unlocked properly.
9. Fix the issue where offline players might not properly receive their rewards when clearing Elemental Realm.
Thank you for your support and love for Dawn of Isles!
We will attach gifts to in-game mail as compensation for any inconvenience that the maintenance may cause you. Hope you have a wonderful time!