Dawn of Isles Patch Notes - Dec 17, 2020


Dear Islanders,
Dawn of Isles servers will go offline a few hours later for server maintenance!
⌛️Maintenance Time⏳
EU Server Time: Dec17, 08:15 (UTC+2)
NA Server Time: Dec16, 23:15 (UTC-7)
JP Server Time: Dec17, 15:15 (UTC+9)
The maintenance will take approximately 2 hours.
Please note that the maintenance time may be extended if technical issues are encountered.

Here comes Patch Notes for this update:

Winter Carol
Event Time: 2020.12.17-2021.01.14

Winter Memories
Light up the holly tree and sing carols under the mistletoe!
Don your new festive outfits and reminisce about the past while enjoying the bonfire under the holly tree!
Snowball Battle
Winter is here, and nothing is more exciting than having a snowball battle!
Pilaf, Arlog and Orik are organizing an "absolutely brutal" snowball battle at Pilgrim Snowfield! I bet you want to take a look, right?
Winter Party
Leonardo, a toy craftsman with extraordinary craftsmanship, is visiting the tribe island again! What new and fun ideas has he come up with this time around? I heard it has something to do with snow sculptures, so join the Winter Party right now and check it out!
Make a Snowman
How can we not build a snowman in this cold winter?
Collect materials and head to the tribe. Work together to build the largest snowman in Kalangol!
Snowman Rampage
Why is the snowman sneaking around and spying on us? It must be the doings of the Chaos Legion again!
But to be honest, their snowmen disguise is really big... Maybe we can grab some materials from them to build a huge snowman?
Winter Sales
Winter is here and it's time for shopping!
Brand new toys, Home Ornaments, Adventure supplies... Come and check them out! 
Treasure Matchmake
A new quick flipping feature is added to the Treasure Matchmake game launched during Winter Veil!
Match identical cards and win valuable treasures! The Snow Blossom footprint SFX is waiting for you!  
Winter Celebrations
Where there is festival, there is food!
A "Cookery Master" from the East Land has arrived at Boreas City! It's said that he will be making lots of traditional winter delicacies - something everyone is looking forward to! (The event is available from December 20th to December 23rd)
Weekend Revelry
Receive double rewards during weekend revelry!
Participate in the Snowball Battle and Wanna Build a Snowman during the weekend and receive double rewards!
Total Rebate
Enjoy non-stop benefits during the winter carnival!
Enjoy lots of benefits during the festive season! Get the Winter Sock Giftpack and Ice Crystal Treasure Chest for achieving a certain total amount of recharge and spending, and get Treasure Map for free!

Content Updates
1. New skill runes available: Flicker: Shieldcounter, Burst: Wind Asylum, Entomb: Trample, Venom: Ancestral Fist, Magma: Frost Bind, Flicker: Devastation, Impact: Thunder of Fury, Stella: Gale Force, Flicker: Breakaway Dance, Aurora: Twining Vine, Thunder: Ice Shield, Burst: "Shocking Blink, Mirage: Icefall Arrow, Turbulence: Wind Blast, Evocation: Cunning Trap, Flicker: Roundhouse Kick.
2. Optimized the skill casting of Devastation.
3. The Mirage and Venom Rune of Ancestral Fist will no longer move the player forward.
1. Increased the amount of damage that players can take in the Imperial Duel, Arena League, Tornsail Pit Fight and Duel.
2. An exit button is added to the settlement interface of Sage Trials. Players who are the leader can choose to leave the interface immediately and exit the Sage Trials mode.
1. Added a group chat feature to Social, where players can invite friends to join the group chat. A single group chat can include up to ten players, and each player can join up to five chat groups.
2. Added the Aura feature to the appearance interface. Players can preview, unlock and perform other actions on the Aura interface under Appearance-Character Outfit.
3. Players can now choose to temporarily hide the Pet Dressup when they are in the Dye window of the Pet Dressup in the Appearance interface.
4. When a player is in a raid group, they will no longer be able to enter the matchmaking queue of the game mode.
5. Added a Timed Event Display Settings option to the Settings interface. When this option is enabled, time-limited events that are completed will no longer be displayed on the main interface.
6. Extended the duration of some NPCs summoned by toys, and they will no longer disappear when the player performs certain teleportation.
7. Added a permanent item Tidal Crab Mount Permit to the Classics Store.
8. In the Treasure Map rewards, the chance of getting Ancient Fabric has been increased, while the chance of getting Illo'Wyna's Jewel has been reduced.
1. Reward information will be displayed on the settlement interface of the Tiger Race mode.
2. Adjusted the display order of the Benefits interface.
3. Optimized the behavior of pets in the Trading Freeze Period.

Content Fixes
1. Fixed the incorrect display of cooldown time for rune skill Flicker: Rattan Bolt of the Double Crossbow Ranger.
Thank you for your support and love for Dawn of Isles!
We will attach gifts to in-game mail as compensation for any inconvenience that the maintenance may cause you. Hope you have a wonderful time!
Hope to see you soon in Kalangol~🤩🤩🤩