Dawn of Isles Patch Notes – Jan 14, 2021


Dear Islanders,

Dawn of Isles servers will go offline a few hours later for server maintenance!

️Maintenance Time

EU Server Time: Jan 14, 08:15 (UTC+2)

NA Server Time: Jan 13, 23:15 (UTC-7)

JP Server Time: Jan 14, 15:15 (UTC+9)

The maintenance will take approximately 2 hours.

Please note that the maintenance time may be extended if technical issues are encountered.



Here comes Patch Notes for this update:


【Way of the Holy Mountain】

【Event time: 2021.01.14-2021.02.07】


New content released in this expansion:

1. New map available - Mt. Kalangol. Players who have reached Lv. 92 can complete the corresponding main quests to enter the map.

2. Added new storylines. Players can now continue their adventure of saving Kalangol. More main and side quests will gradually be added in future updates.

3. Added the new Everfrost's End dungeon. Players get to earn new dungeon rewards and challenge the new dungeon Boss: Adam, the Elder of Power. (Players who have reached Lv. 95 can enter the dungeon)

4. Added 6 different pets related to Mt. Kalangol: Ember Treant, Mountainbreaker, Tundra Wombat, Iceshield Bear, Icetusk Mammoth, Trample Mammoth.

5. Added new Lv. 100 equipment. Players can now get these new Lv. 100 equipment by forging them or through dungeon loot. The maximum level of Legacy equipment has also been increased to Lv.109.

6. Added new Mt. Kalangol-themed home ornaments.

7. Added new resources related to Mt. Kalangol, including high-quality gathering tools, food and products. The maximum level of Home Island has also increased, and players can manufacture products to level up the Home Island. Upgraded Home Island can increase the maximum level of buildings to Lv.18 and increase farmland productivity. Also, Lv.16 Pit can increase the maximum number of daily Pet Expedition to 8.

8. Added plenty of new achievements, including map exploration, combat power upgrade and new dungeon challenge.

9. New content related to Mt. Kalangol has been added to Totem Prayer, Pet Expedition and Pier Loading, with Mt. Kalongol materials being included as rewards. Meanwhile, Draco Waste content has been added to Deity Errands and Home Task Board.

10. Added new Mt. Kalangol content in the Encyclopedia.


【Ice Chant】

Begin a new adventure on the wintry path towards the holy mountain!

Put on new winter-themed outfits and set off towards the mysterious holy mountain, Mt. Kalangol!


【Snow Mountain Adventure】

How can you not be good at mountain climbing when you are about to take on the holy mountain, Mt. Kalangol?

Fret not, the Mountaineering Association has arrived at Boreas City. Join their Mountain Battle and see if you are up for the challenge!


【Tribe Banquet】

Famous chef Bayoshi has gotten many rare ingredients from Mt. Kalangol! He is extremely excited but not too confident in the dishes he made. Perhaps you can show the chef some support while enjoying a good meal at the same time?


【Snowy Sale】

How can you head to the mysterious holy mountain without getting sufficient equipment?

With new toys, home ornaments and adventure supplies… you are now fully prepared for the trip to Mt. Kalangol!


【Mammoth Caravan】

The hardworking caravan has established a trade route once they heard that Mt. Kalangol is accessible!

But the dangerous paths and harsh weather are making things more challenging for the caravan! Go and help them with transporting the goods! Besides receiving generous rewards, you may also get unexpected surprises brought back by the caravan!


【Mountain Treasures】

Various treasures are available on the mysterious holy mountain!

Take a gamble and see what kind of rare treasures you can get!


【Wanted: Warlords】

Bad news! Since the death of Overlord Tynon, a group of warlords from the Chaos Legion have pledged to seek revenge for him and are wreaking havoc in Kalangol!

Defeat them now and crush their ambitions! You must protect the people of Kalangol!


【Weekend Revelry】

Receive double rewards during weekend revelry!

Take part in Tribe Banquet, Mammoth Caravan and Snow Mountain Adventure during the weekends to get double rewards!


【Total Rebate】

Welcome to the holy mountain, where rewards never end!

Recharge and spend credits during the Way of the Holy Mountain event to enjoy lots of benefits! Accumulate recharge and spending amount to get Glacier Heart and Treasure Map!


【Content Updates】

【Winter Adventure Manual】

The Adventure Journal System is available again!

Do your best to record, enrich and complete your adventure in Kalangol for amazing rewards and honor!

Also, EXP rewards in the Adventure Journal have been adjusted as follows:

1. Certain season targets that are too difficult to complete have been optimized, and EXP rewards have been increased.

2. EXP rewards of daily targets have been increased, and the difficulty of completing certain daily targets have been lowered.

3. Players will get a higher chance of obtaining Advanced Pages when they take part in the monthly events.



1. The third season of Nemesis War is about to begin! The Revenge of the Great Arcanist will officially return on January 18.

2. Legendary difficulty is now available for Tornsail Island. Players can challenge this dungeon that has a new mechanism at a harder difficulty level to get rewards that are even more luxurious.



1. The highest level is set to Lv.110. Upon reaching the highest level, the level will not increase despite the EXP gained. Meanwhile, the Sage's Blessing system is added to the Character Panel. Players can spend EXP to redeem blessing points and improve various character stats.

2. Mailbox in the Social panel will now display the number of mails and show a warning when it is almost full.

3. When the character is in a scene outside the Home Island, players can tap anywhere on the Home Island map to teleport home.


Thank you for your support and love for Dawn of Isles!

We will attach gifts to in-game mail as compensation for any inconvenience that the maintenance may cause you. Hope you have a wonderful time!🤩🤩🤩