Dawn of Isles Patch Notes – Feb 7, 2021


Dawn of Isles Patch Notes – Feb 7, 2021

Dear Islanders,

Dawn of Isles servers will go offline a few hours later for server maintenance!

️Maintenance Time

EU Server Time: Feb 7, 08:15 (UTC+2)

NA Server Time: Feb 6, 23:15 (UTC-7)

JP Server Time: Feb 7,15:15 (UTC+9)

The maintenance will take approximately 2 hours.

Please note that the maintenance time may be extended if technical issues are encountered.


Here comes Patch Notes for this update:


End of Year Gathering

Event Time: 2021.02.07-2021.03.11


Choice of Fashion

Light the Firecrackers, Time for All to Gather!

Put on the new Fortune Star outfit, and let's celebrate the Lunar New Year together! The new Glorious Lion Dance mount transmog, Fish for All Aura SFX and Spring Festival Fireworks mount SFX are waiting for you!


Perfect Teamwork

I heard that the Hunter's Guild is holding another new tournament, and it's going to be a test of teamwork?

Get like-minded friends to join now and compete with the other contestants!


Cuju Tournament

Want to liven up the atmosphere at the festival? A cuju tournament is the perfect activity!

Coach Wu Sanshi from the East Kingdom is teaching Cuju now, why don't you head over and show your superb skills?


Tribe Banquet

A sumptuous tribal banquet is waiting for you!

There's also another great artist who has arrived at Tribe Island. It's said that he is holding a competition that "represents art," why don't you check it out?


Spring Festival Sales

It's time to stock up new year goods for the Spring Festival!

New toys, home ornaments, adventure supplies… are up for grabs!


Treasure Divination

Since the Spring Festival is coming, it's time to try your luck!

Divine in front of the dazzling treasure and see if you have luck on your side!


Old and New

During the event, you will receive a bonus Evil Banishing Firecrackers as part of the Activeness Reward. Use it to get various rewards!


Lantern Festival Gifts

Good fortune beckons on Lantern Festival!

From February 12 to February 26, players can complete the Daily Sign-in to get Mount Transmog - Bright Future shards! Sign in to collect 15 shards and get Bright Future Mount Transmog for free!


Weekend Revelry

Receive double rewards during weekend revelry!

Participate in Tribal Banquet, Perfect Teamwork and Cuju Tournament events during the weekend to get double rewards!


Total Rebate

Enjoy non-stop benefits during the Spring Festival!

Recharge and spend credits during the event period to get great rewards! Get Blessing Giftbox and Treasure Map when you reach a certain total amount of recharge and spending, and get World LuckBag for free!


Flowers' Love Song

From February 13 to February 20, Mount Transmog - Royal Marble, Mount SFX - Everlasting Love and Character Outfit, and Weapon Transmog - Flowers' Love Song will be back for a limited time!


Content Updates


Mt. Kalangol

New main and side quests have been released! Find a way to awaken Daria, explore the secrets of Mt. Kalangol and continue on the journey to save Mt. Kalangol!


Sacred Pet

...The one who keeps silent but looks at you with eyes of the abyss.

These A'quari are unbeknownst to many, but their great power is as unpredictable as the sea.

Islander hero, fight alongside the Silence Whisperer now and feel the power of nature released by the daughter of the sea!


Ancient Realm

Brody has finally found the evidence connecting "Elements" and "Sorcery!" This realm that is inherited from the Ancient Elf Empire is filled with sorcery power. How far would you willing to explore?

A new game mode, Ancient Realm, is added! Players can now take 4 pets along to challenge the levels which will not be reset. In the new game mode, players can use Ancient Runestones to greatly increase the pet's combat power and complete the challenge easily. When players have successfully cleared a level, they can select a pet to auto-battle in the level to get rewards.



1. Newly released Chaos Skills: Ruthless Strangle and Pompous Arrogance.


1. In Sage Trials, Level 91-100 and its corresponding rewards are now available. Players can now challenge higher levels.

2. Communion Realm is now similar to other game modes, where players can only enter the game mode after all members have confirmed that they are ready on the confirmation interface after the matchmaking is successful.

3. Now each time the Chaos Assault event refreshes, there will be a total of 6 battlefields appearing on Amethyia Isle and Draco Waste at the same time.



1. New Pet Equipment system - Equip Pet Equipment for your pets to increase its combat power. Equip a complete set to activate the bonus set effects!

2. Invocation Spirit Totem and Battle Casting Signet are now on sale in the Emporium. It can be used to get and enhance Pet Equipment.

3. Players can now use Double-Ring Coins to redeem Battle Casting Signets.

4. Players can now redeem Invocation Totems and Battle Casting Signets in New Year's Sales.

5. The purchase limit of Unspoken Holy Words has been removed in the Emporium.

6. The maximum number of carryable pets has been increased.

7. The Footprint SFX and Mount SFX pages in the Appearance interface have newly added a Random SFX feature which allows players to select any number of existing effects for display randomly.

8. The number of Dreamfall Fruits that can be redeemed using Achievement Points has increased from 3 to 5. The usage limit of Dreamfall Fruit has increased from once every 6 levels to once every 5 levels.

9. Within the selectable rewards in the Best-of-the-Best Giftpack, we have newly added the Battle Casting Signet and Invocation Totem. Also, the purchase limit for the Best-of-the-Best Giftpack will now be reset on Thursdays.

10. The Hotbar can now be expanded to hold 5 items.

11. Added new item - World LuckBag. Players can use it to distribute LuckBags on the World Channel. The item can be purchased in the Emporium or obtained from Recharge Rebates.

12. Added new Pet Dressup - Guardian Signet in the Emporium.

13. When players unlock the Reward Makeup feature during the End of Year Gathering event, they can spend Loss Claim Vouchers to recover past unclaimed rewards. Loss Claim Vouchers can be obtained from Activeness Rewards, New Year's Sales and gifts from friends.


Content Fixes

1. Fixed the issue where Ranger's Hurricane Kick: Aurora would be casted right next to enemies during auto-battle.

2. Fixed the mismatch between the effect and description when Ele. Flask deactivates affixes.


Thank you for your support and love for Dawn of Isles!

We will attach gifts to in-game mail as compensation for any inconvenience that the maintenance may cause you. Hope you have a wonderful time!🤩🤩🤩