Dawn of Isles Patch Notes – Mar 11, 2021


Maintenance is over, now let's throw a big party!

Here comes Patch Notes for this update:

Sakura Time

Event Time: 2021.03.11-2021.04.08


Choice of Fashion

Let's pick the blooming flowers together!

As you enjoy the beautiful scene of falling flowers, isn't it time to put on the outfit Assembled Talent? New wing appearance Orange Butterfly, Purple Butterfly and Mount Transmog Somersault Cloud are also up for grabs!


Flower Harvest

In this lovely flower season, why not pick a few dazzling flowers and create some beautiful flower arrangements?

During the Sakura Time event, players can participate in Rendezvous Among Flowers and Catch the Burglar to get flower arrangement materials and obtain great rewards!


Flower Fantasy

Beautiful flowers are not just things to admire. They also make good materials for making wine and dishes.

But the sweet-smelling flowers have also attracted the Fire Moths, interrupting the villagers' work. You had no choice but to get Nikolai here to think of a solution. I wonder what's the use of that Special Flower Basket that he made… Let's go and check it out!


Gift Shop

Don't forget to get yourself a small gift during the trip!

Brand new toys, home ornaments and adventure supplies… they are as dazzling as flowers!


Walking Together

Let's walk into the sunset together! ...How can you be alone in the warm and lovely springtime? Embark on an adventure with like-minded friends now!


Treasure Divination

It's another flower season of the year where you can get endless rewards!

From March 25, players can participate in the Treasure Divination event! Go give it a try in front of the dazzling treasure and see if you have luck on your side!


Treasure Matchmake

White Day is just around the corner! Come and match the cards!

From March 14, players can participate in the Treasure Matchmake to win great rewards! Mount SFX White Lover awaits you!


Student Rewards

Holidays are lovely, but they don't last forever... Cheer up! Sign in daily and welcome the New Year with this Croaker!

Also, some mischievous kids have "extended" their holiday. Where are they hiding at? Find them now and get them back to school!


Spring Revelry

Receive double rewards during the Spring Revelry!

During the event period, players can participate in the Flower Fantasy, Flower Harvest and Tribe Banquet to enjoy double rewards!


Market Treasury

Enjoy endless benefits in the warm and lovely spring!

During the event period, players will obtain recharge benefits for a random recharge tier. Complete the recharge to get Market Ticket! Use the Market Ticket to enter the lucky draw in the Market Treasury and get great rewards! You can even get a chance to obtain the extremely rare item—Battle Spirits!



Content Updates

Sakura Adventure Manual

The Adventure Manual System is available again!

Try your best to record, enrich and complete your adventure in Kalangol to win rewards including Mount Transmog: Somersault Cloud-Azure, Wing Appearance: Pink Butterfly and honor!



1. Buffed the Bamboo Hermit's normal attack and his two skills: Thunder Driving and Sweeping All.



1. Improved the Rank Rewards and Participation Rewards in Arena League. For players that have claimed the rewards for the season, improved rewards will be issued via mail after the maintenance update.

2. Added a new Medal Protection Mechanism in Arena League: Players with Popularity higher than 40 will not lose any medal after being defeated but will lose all Popularity.

3. Nemesis War Season 4 is about to begin! Beast Party will return on March 15.

4. Added new content in some of the Mt. Kalangol quests in the Home Task Board and Deity Errands.

5. In Tiger Race, the number of laps players have to complete is reduced to 2. And the duration of a single game in Brawl, Communion Realm and War of Hook is reduced to 1 min 30 sec.

6. In legendary dungeons, players will no longer be able to enter the dungeon by tapping Back to Dungeon and Follow Leader.



1. Added the new Temper system that unlocks at Lv.25. Use Flux to enhance various attributes for your equipment! When the total Temper Grade reaches a certain level, you will unlock the additional Soulkeeper feature!

2. Added the new Wing Transmog in the Appearance system. Players can increase the Temper level of the equipment to unlock brand new cool appearances!

3. Added a new Mentorship system. Players can accept disciples or find a mentor after meeting certain requirements.

4. Added the Quick Select option in Equipment Dismantling to select all Purple Equipment with one tap.

5. When Reset is selected in PvP Attribute Allocation, it will only reset the currently selected build.


Content Fixes

1. Fixed the issue of Golden Crow being able to use Pact Skill during the respawn period.

2. Fixed an issue where the Achievement "That's it!" couldn't be successfully unlocked by catching Fish Kings in Draco Waste and Mt. Kalangol.



Thank you for your support and love for Dawn of Isles!

We will attach gifts to in-game mail as compensation for any inconvenience that the maintenance may cause you. Hope you have a wonderful time!🤩🤩🤩