Dawn of Isles Patch Notes - Apr 8, 2021


Spring Kites

Event Time: April 8, 2021 Server opening - May 6, 2021, 05:00


Choice of Fashion

Sending love with paper kites in the beautiful scenes of spring!

In this colorful spring, put on the elegant outfit Destined Fate to share this beautiful scenery! New wing appearances, including Soaring Kite - Dream Awakens and Soaring Kite - Night Thoughts, as well as Mount Transmogs Beast Patroller and Sky Gorilla are up for grabs!


Field Trip

Don't miss out on exciting adventures in this beautiful springtime!

During the event, players will randomly receive various quests daily! Complete the quests to get Wormwood Green Rice Balls and Spring Gift! Accumulate a certain number of points to obtain the Spring Chest!


Ram Ram the Sheep

Lately, there has been particularly fierce competition in the sheep business in Boreas City—many shepherds are vying for the title of the city's Best Shepherd! It is said they have a unique way to decide the winner. Why don't you go and see for yourself?


Spring Sales

Let's get prepared before you go for the spring outing!

Brand new toys, ornaments, adventure supplies… Lots of different items are available to make your spring outing more exciting!


Flying Kites Together

As the spring breeze blows, it's the season to fly kites! The tribes are having a competition to see whose kite can fly the highest!

During the event, players can participate in various Tribe Events to earn points! The higher the Tribe Score, the better the rewards. Come and join in the fun!


Treasure Monopoly

Various treasures are available on the mysterious holy mountain!

Take a gamble and see what kind of rare treasures you can get!


Voyage Treasurehunts

Now that the spring is here, it's time for the Windy Traderhood to send out its treasure hunters!

A massive treasurehunt fleet is ready to brave the open ocean. Help out the sailors while they seek for their fortune, and see what treasures they'll find in this voyage of discovery!



Content Updates



1. Optimized the casting time of Silent Whisperer's pact skill - Silent Order. The skill will now hit the target faster. The silence duration of Silence Order is also extended and will gradually increase as the skill evolves.



1. The Elite difficulty of Everfrost's End Dungeon is now available. Players of Lv.105 and above can now challenge a higher difficulty dungeon under brand new mechanics and win great rewards, including the Ember Treant Mount Permit!

2. Added new content in some of the Mt. Kalangol quests in the Home Task Board and Deity Errands.

3. In Sage Trials, Level 101-120 and its corresponding achievements are now available. Players can now challenge higher levels.

4. Removed the Strong and Hold affixes that may appear among enemies in the higher levels of Ancient Realm mode.

5. Players can now tap the Ancient Realm in the Adventure screen and tap "Go" to teleport into the Ancient Realm. An Ancient Realm icon is also added on the World Map for players to enter the game mode.

6. Monsters of Chaos Onslaught in Mt. Kalangol no longer have Drip, Fuego, Soil and Breeze affixes. Their model size has also been adjusted.

7. In the Sea Conquest mode, the chance of discovering 4-star resource isles by high-level tribes is increased.



1. The Islander Homecoming System has undergone a major update! From now on, Homecoming Players can enter the game and participate in the 14-day brand new Islander Homecoming event. During this period, players can log in, stay online and complete quests to get ample rewards! Players who challenge the Common and Elite Dungeons with Homecoming players can also get extra rewards!

2. Temper Flux redemption is now available. Players can combine 20 Refined Fluxes into a non-tradable Elemental Flux. The Refined Flux Retrieval Event will also be available from April 8 to May 6. Players who have sold Refined Flux in the Market can repurchase it at the original price from the Equipment Dismantling NPCs in Cyndalo and other places during the event period.

3. Added the Random Mount Transmog feature to the Mount Appearance window of the Appearance interface. Players can now select any number of existing Mount Transmogs for random display.

4. Added new toys - Farm Moisturizer II and Farm Reaper: Altered in the Emporium.

5. Improved the rewards standard of Daily Sign-in.

6. Added Telfer's Blessing to the Sage's Blessing System. Players can now unlock Irnico's Blessing with 40 Blessing Points.

7. System notification will no longer be displayed when players obtain items such as Communion Broth and Pet Training Certificate.

8. Added new duo emote Set Free.

9. Adjusted prize pool of Market Treasury.

10. Increased the maximum stack of various Training Scrolls, Memories of various dungeons, Mastery Rune Stones and Inscription Scraps to 999.